Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pink Pajamas and Flowery T-shirt

Today was one of those
met-2-days-back day.

Well this happened to me cuz I went out with my friends for post dinner desserts in the night (obviously) dressed NOT down to the T but in pink pj's and flowery t-shirt. My friends were better off since 2 of em were in shorts and one of em was in tracks and a sweatshirt. We wanted to go to a small ice cream parlour where people are ALLOWED to come in their night suits to have ice cream, but I was not AT ALL prepared to go to a restaurant with a doorman and everything! And as Murphy's Law NEVER quits, we ended up meeting one of the guys from the same industry as ours whom we had met VERY formally just 2 days back. I wanted to get run over by the on coming traffic but like the woman that I am, I took a deep breath and got ready to face my fears which I think I managed pretty well or so I think since i wasn't wearing my specs or lenses so I have no idea if people noticed us or no.

But the urge to eat desserts and something chocolaty was more over whelming as compared to digging my own grave out of embarrassment. So I gave in and to comfort myself (or so I think) we ordered A LOT and ended up gaining like 10 kgs in about half an hr which is not bad considering what we ate there. I even managed to drop some chocolate and coffee on my pink pajamas and flowery t-shirt so I guess people mistook me for an EXTREMELY HUMONGOUS child. My friend was ready to kill me BEFORE I took my own life.

You know, its at times like these I wonder how do I manage to get myself in such awkward situations and mess. Its unbelievable sometimes. Anywho, we ate, and thats a different story all together. We ordered like 4 rich sinful, extremely chocolaty desserts and as one thing used to come it used to get rotated on the table amongst the four of us from one person to the other. Even that wasn't something very normal to do as I look back at the last few hours spent.

But at least I got something to write. This is how I console myself.


SSQuo said...

Chocolate desserts sound yum yum yum! Also, you looking cute in your pink pyjamas and flowery tshirt I think, even through your words. Dont worry about hotel guy, its what 'inside' that counts. ;-)

Vijay said...

Hey Are you Megha from Sion ?

BaWa said...

hehe megha from sion. Ever thought of a career in journalism. Im officially offering u a job in Bawa Times

SSQuo said...

U havent blogged in ages, come on now, get back to it gurl!!!!

coffeeismypoison said...

Oh this post and the desserts are delicious...I knw wat u mean...im 25 and i still drip icecream :( over my pajamas.

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

oooooh i know. ive never had ice cream without dripping it over myself unless im having it straight from the tub