Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baggage, Harry and "all aboard!"

This title would probably come under the many things that make u go "huh?". I have just started "a new phase in my life" or to put it more nicely: I have just started bloody working! Yes I'm working with a big international hotel chain as a tiny (not literary of course) sales person.

So back to the new chapter in my life (and of course this blog). We started off in Goa what with the rains and the running to the airport and overweight baggage (surprise surprise! u DO realize I'm being sarcastic). So we had a meeting sort of thingy with our department area directors which was kind of cool cuz I got a compliment (woohoo!). The question asked to us was "what are your biggest apprehensions?" and I almost yelled "LAUNDRY!" I mean, thats like the biggest issue anywhere in this world ESP considering that I have NEVER washed my clothes. So that was and still IS my nightmare. We were fed and kept warm in the hotel itself and then were posted to our cities and I ended up in Hyderabad along with 7 of my friends. We were still in an "environmental bubble" since we again got to be fed and kept warm in the "home away from home". Just as we were doing away with thoughts of "this is too good to be true" to be replaced with "we-really-dont-mind-getting-paid-for-living-like-this" the dream wagon of 12000000 horsepower was brought to a screeching halt (which is very ugly, mind u) and were taken back to reality. We were sent to our accommodations and my biggest fear going to anyplace is that the the bathroom should be nice n clean n decent. Im comfortable with anything as much as the next guy, I swear. BUT a bathroom.........! I mean which century are we living in currently? 1st? 10th? WHO USES INDIAN LOOS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (deep breaths, counting to 100. Feels much bearable).

And I was so upset to discover that there is hardly any Crossword here. When I found one (it had the coffee shop Brio with it and the smell and the sight was like heaven) I was so ecstatic that I almost screamed. But I mainatined my composure (ha!) and wanted to buy the latest issue of Vogue but ended up spending almost an hr there since I cannot resist browsing through books and sitting there and reading them and taking in the smell of freshly brewing coffee. So I ended up buying "Chasing Harry Winston" for 2 primary reasons:
1) Lauren Weisberger is one of my favourite "authoress"
2) She has the signature shoe pic EVERYTIME as the cover and if THAT doesnt attract me, God knows what will!

And I bought the book at a pretty decent time cuz after a day I came down with viral (still am suffering from it). It may not look it but yes I AM feeling weak! So I went to my sister's place over the weekend. She is luckily studying here and was awed by the campus. I have NEVER in my life felt my jaw agreeing to gravity but that day it did. I read the book there and finished it "at home" (As we now call it!) over the 2 days I was sort of bed ridden.

Which reminds me I should better go zzzzzzzzzz but before going I, like a good Voyage Management Trainee, would like to list out certain "take aways" as to what we have learnt during our initial days:

1) When u gotta go, U GOTTA GO! (read: loo)
2) ALWAYS carry light baggage cuz u have to stop depending on your father and start shelling out your own green paper!
3) NEVER piss off a person with a half decent loo
4) AND yes, while taking a group photograph NEVER stand in the front IF u r on the pudgier side and are in dire need of an aerobics class!

Thank u and good night!

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Dipika said...

meghs u r soooooooa adorable! u wrote it so well .. u sounded like the good ol typical u - it almost felt as if u were narrating it to me in person ... mmwah ! and enjoy the loos, who knows the exercise myt actually help u!