Monday, August 10, 2009

Experience is the BEST Teacher!

I REALLY think the above quote was made by a person who lived on bad luck to make himself/ herself feel better and to support the other people who survive on bad luck. Now do not get me wrong. I am in NO WAY surrounded by bad luck but it so happens that some incidences in my life (small incidences) make me wonder....... oh and I also learn from them......

1) This happened when I was in school. I had this MAJOR 100% adolescent teenage crush on one of my then close friends. We were pretty thick. I am not the types who makes her friends her brothers. Anyway after a year of being classmates we were shuffled when we graduated to the next class. I still had the major-crush-of-the-year. "Rakhi Day" came and he came running to me in the corridor, "Hey! Where's my rakhi?" FML!

2) I am currently on this major bed rest. NEVER EVER drink any drink while lying down. It goes in your nostrils and in your head and as soon as you get up it comes out rushing from the same spot all over your touch phone. ESPECIALLY something aerated.

3) I have been living in this city for a year. Never has any place given me so many problems. One tip from my side: IF you have never had pimples or boils on your face during those hormonal-changing-extremely-annoying-puberty-introducing-horrible-looking-teenage years, always ALWAYS be prepared to have them during your mentally-stable-good-looking-twenty-something years.

4) Those things really hurt.

5) Never try to show people how strong you are by picking up heavy objects. You just might be on the bed for 3 months after that.

6) Poker straight hair is awesome and causes envy is some people which is good. But do not get them curled and if you do always check in a mirror before flaunting them. It might so happen that within half an hour of curling them they might straighten again and you wouldn't know and would be showing them off to all your extended family for 2 hrs just to get awkward-my-gawd-she-has-finally-lost-it look.

7) NEVER get drunk and try kissing a person whom you have been crushing for a few months thinking he/ she will start seeing stars after you get physical. They will just get up and say no and push you towards some random person.

8) Never attempt a wannabe pole dance when you are drunk thinking it will be funny and not remember it the next day. Chances are before you wake up, the whole world would have seen it 'cuz your friend thought it will be funny to click a snap of you at that moment.

9) ALWAYS be prepared for good looking people in the places you least expect to find them ESPECIALLY when they are in an elevator and you want to get into it. The doors will close with you being sandwiched in between and trying to make this really uncool wriggle to get out before you are squeezed to death.

10) Never ever get close to flame. When you hear that sizzling sound it means your hair is getting cooked.

Yes my dear students, these are some of the things I have learnt in my 20 something years f existence on Earth. Would love to gain knowledge from yours!!!!!


P said...

Always be dressed, even if you are enjoying a lazy sunday. You never know when that cute guy your are eying shows up!

and the pimple thing... yeah.. if you thought you had an awesome skin and you totally skipped the pimple age... no no.. they always show up..sooner or later.!!

Anand said...

Ohh a new post today. Both urs and mine.
I'll be back to read it. Hv to rush now though.

Anand said...

Awww...wheres my Rakhi???? Dang, wot an idiot. But then he was jus as kiddish then. No blaming him.

Hilarious. Aft all this gyan, my gyan wud look like small mouse against urs.

I like !! :-)

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

hi p! thanks a lot! sigh trsut me i relaized abt tht pimply problem. stupid outbreaks.

after tht elevator incident i make sure im looking good no matter if im at home and watching friends reruns.

welcome back!

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

no blaming him????????? whose side r u on anyway? serves him right. stopped liking him after that! sigh! men will always be dumb.

i wanna know your tiny gyaan anyway!

Rukhsana said...

lol, how come u never mentioned about this wanna-be-ur-rakhi-brother-guy before! sooper funny!!
i can so picture ur facial expression..
@ point 6-ur curly hair disaster- nex time try remington hot curlers,i tried them once..ages back.. n my curls really luked nice..stayed for more thn 6hrs.for sure.

@ point 8- thats wht friends are for silly!
@ point 7- be glad no one spotted u doin that n then click click.
btw, i spoke to him recently and we discussed "ur confession". it was hilarious.

@point 2- dang babby.. wouldju laike sum fraaizz wid datt shaikkkk????