Monday, March 9, 2009

Tap Tap Tap! = Shoes and a touch phone

I went to Bombay last week. It has been the most fruitful trip EVER from the time I have shifted out of that city. So I went shopping. I wanted "they-r-in-your-face-and-also-hurts-your-eyes-so-much-they-make-u-wanna-go-blind" coloured shoes. Ya know, the kinds which shine in the sun and are the first things you spot in the midst of a Bombay crowd? So I went from shop to shop to shop on Sunday and did not find ONE single vibrant coloured shoe which fit my feet. Yeah I have big feet which is a boon cuz no one can then borrow my shoes. Ha! But anyway, I went to this one shop wherein to console myself I bought my first ever pair of flats with my own money, babay! (Note: I am not a big flats person). But they r too cool, but as I have to embarrass myself EVERYWHERE, while paying I managed to drop whatever was kept on the counter and when I turned to leave after hurried apologies and "no problems ma'am" and the payment, before I took any step I tripped on the carpet in full view of the already present customers and the ones coming in. So while my friends were busy laughing, I had already made myself scarce from there. I surprisingly managed to remain +ve even after not finding shoes of my liking and ended up with a pair of orange shoes and red shoes.
I needed a business phone or at least a phone through which I could send business cards and stuff. 'cuz the one I had was a 2nd hand one from my YOUNGER brother (isn't it supposed to be the other way round?) which was probably a decade old and this is being said without any exaggeration and/ or hint of sarcasm. To make a call by pressing the green button twice took me 10 mins. So I whined and complained about it as much as I could and ended up with an HTC or probably it was a way of asking me to kindly keep my trap shut. So its this PDA thingy and its with this stylus thingy which means I have to touch the screen and all to make calls and send msgs and information. Its so BLOODY cool!
Yeah so I have been tapping away. (That is with the shoes and the phone. Hence, the title.)


Deepika Phoha said...

Hmm.....dunno bout d shoes n d cell (wich is damn cool btw).....must say ur blog was amazin read!

Anand said...

This post shud serve as a warning to anyone who mite wanna go out with u.
Warning: "Im with u. U mite get embarrased."

Though i dislike this word, I think ur cute. :-)

SSQuo said...

Need to see a pic of those gorgeous shoes gal. does this PDA thingy have a camera? Pls click and upload then.

Couldnt miss the 'No problems, M'am' ;))))

BaWa said...

are those shoes Louboutin by any chance? BRILLIANT n PURE blog!! Nice one