Monday, February 23, 2009

"Don't drink and come near me"

I should probably hang a billboard with this message and go to each and every party where I know guys are bound to get drunk. Let me explain and tell you how the cycle works and you will have to trust me as I manage to attract drunk losers in herds like there's no tomorrow.

Ok you go to a party wherein the crowd:
Scenario 1: sucks
Scenario 2: is good

If its scenario 1, then no need to worry every1 will get attracted to you be it a guy or a gurl.

If its scenario 2, which, FYI, invariably happens to me, the party will be something like this. There will be these extra hot girls (god knows from where they come) and these 'nothing' guys. No need to mention about the good guys as they will already be making out with someone hot. So when you enter the party, they will look at you and start rating you in their heads. Guys and girls alike. Guys will not know what rating to give, and the girls on the other hand will have a smug look looking at an inferior species. These guys will try their luck, will give their best effort with these hot women; And as everyone knows, women like to play a leetle hard to get. The hot ones will be playing harder to get, these guys will be buying them drinks or whatever it is they do to turn up their charm (I dont know 'cuz I have never experienced). Guys keep on drinking, women keep on ignoring, people like me keep on looking wistfully. So these women go home with some other guys, these guys come over to people like me 'cuz they are so drunk they think people like me are fucking HOT and why did they NOT notice us before! But people like me who are so depressed, do not drink that much to see what those guys are seeing and then try to push them away and wonder what will happen to their lives.

So there are 3 morals to the story:
  • Look Good
  • Drink like a fish
  • Kill all the good looking women


Anand said... THAT was funnyy...
Loved it. U can write u usually do.
I'm laughing.
But I rate u a 9 on 10..How u r depends on how u think..not how u look. yea?
I left one cuz I haven't actually met u.
Anand. :-)

SSQuo said...

Seems like you have managed to enamor one more and that too without meeting you! Missie, too much! :)

Drink: For yourself, for your happiness, so that YOu can jump around and not have to worry about those 'boring guys'.

They are not worth it anyways woman, u are hot - u rule, moreso in heels!