Monday, December 2, 2013


No it is not a spelling mistake. Yes I know it is spelt as Aurangabad. But that is how my friend pronounces it. I should know 'cuz we spent 4 years of our prime there. Doing Hotel Management. Along with that we did a dual BBA degree. We passed out in July 2008 and November 2013 is when we collected our BBA degree. Yup 5+ years. 

The feeling of when we arrived at the station at 4 am was of a sweet and spicy Chinese starter (since bittersweet sounds too cliche). Taking in the sights was enough to make me weep. We were excited as children when they are told that they will get ice cream everyday after dinner and they can sleep by midnight after watching the mind numbing TV shows. We went to our favourite place, the dhaba (a small roadside restaurant) which used to be and still is IHMites favourite haunt (my college's name was/ is IHM-A). Across the road from the institute was this place where we used to weep, notice breakups, hook ups, laugh, bitch, smoke, interact, do projects, have the famous cold coffee and basically do absolutely nothing everyday. This was the first place we visited in the morning. 

The famous dhaba
Due to vacation time there was literally no one there and in the institute. But we went to our college anyway. Visited the library and took in the smell of books. Saw the auditorium where we used to perform and give presentations and make absolute fools of ourselves, saw our classroom where the boys burst a fire cracker and where we used to play Counter Strike during lectures. I went to the girls hostel and saw our water cooler where the awkwardness and the cold shoulder were cooler than the water it dispensed and where gossips took place. Saw our balcony where Savz and I used to talk about life and philosophy, saw the garden where I used to run in my heels when drunk with Ruks running behind me with coffee and Savz with food. Ah good times! 

My favourite library
IHM's Anti Ragging Policy Board

The 3 days we were there passed by in a blur. Tried going to almost all the places where we were regulars. 

One of our more frequented restaurants in the city

Visited a lot of historical places but nothing could come close to the feeling we felt when we were there. I will give up anything in my life to have one more year with my batchmates with lectures and all. 

One of the awesome carvings in Ellora (Cave no. 1 I think)

Ellora Caves
Aurangzeb's Tomb
Bibi Ka Makbara
Daulatabad Fort
One of the ways in the fort


I have so much to say but for the first time I have failed in expressing my feelings about the experience.

I guess this is what they call 'hiraeth'.


Namrata Sule said...

awesome meghs!!!! I could weep now....hehe....honestly I would love to go there again

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

I know right? sigh!

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