Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Disasters at their best* **

You know, I wrote a dissertation during my 'younger' days in college. It was basically on how tourism gets impacted due to man-made and natural disasters so it included tsunami, SARS and the 9/11 attacks along with a debatable topic of how Global Warming was/ is a man- made or a natural disaster. But the more pressing problems right now we are facing are the lack of morals, humanity, and a complete lack of empathy for human life. All these casual talks about the war in Syria, the attack in Kenya and in Pakistan coupled with the devastating earthquake, just proves that the world as we know it, or rather our civilization, is at the brink of its extinction. I am 100% sure that it will probably happen. Quite honestly when someone mentioned the news of the blast to me, my reaction was, ‘Really? Gee, that is terrible. Ooh look new shoes’.

The point of this article is that I think that the world did end in December and is slowly and steadily deteriorating as the days go by. Though not physically but definitely, morally. Yeah, that much needed meteor which was required to bounce off certain individuals got delayed by a month (due to bad traffic and bad infrastructure) and missed the target by a gazillion miles. I remember opening up the paper one day in December (I have stopped reading the paper by the way. I have not read one single positive news since the day I learnt how to read and have my own opinions). One page spoke about ‘The Gangrape’ (I honestly thought that it will be another case like the 1000 others and I am not going to give my two bits here. It should be enough for you to know that I am a very pissed off woman); One page spoke about a grandfather raping his 9 year old step granddaughter, another page spoke about the mass shootout in the school. One page spoke about a man in China who injured 22 children with a knife; then the consequent pages spoke about the dismal performance of India in cricket. I was nearly crying with frustration when I slammed my door shut and went for work and got stuck in bad traffic due to bad infrastructure, myself. 

But if you see, the Mayans were right. For me along with a gazillion people on this planet, the world did end in December. December 2012 taught us some things which we will not forget in a hurry. It taught us that indeed united we stand. It taught us that people do suffer from loneliness and depression and it's not just some nonsense in movies. It taught us that you can be brave and fight for your life no matter how injured you are. It taught us that we should not disregard human life. It taught us that there are sick people on this planet and that they need immediate help (either admittance in a psychiatric ward or The Fight Club- take your pick). It taught us and reinforced this fact that our judicial system is as liked by the people as Sheldon Cooper likes other people sitting on his spot. 

*(Authoress’s note: This article is not a mockery to anyone who has been a victim in any which way to a disaster. My deepest condolences and support to all who have suffered.)
**Frustration can be felt here 

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