Thursday, June 13, 2013

I am sorry Goa, I have found someone else. But we will always have our times.

So like I have told you in my previous posts, I want to tell you about my trip with SG. (SG's a girl btw). So 2 months back we decided to go on a trip. Actually we have been thinking about a trip since a year but what with work and life gettin' in the way, we. Just. Couldn't. So from Singapore to some Eastern European destination we finally settled on something closer home, Kovalam. So weeks went by mailing each other links to the hotels, becoming experts in navigating Expedia, reading about the place and the places to see, getting warned by our mothers to not venture out alone after sunset and to make sure we were safe, looking for the best flight deals, etc (End of Thinking Capacity). It was so exciting!!! Then FINALLY the D day came. We had to board the flight at 6:30 AM. I started my packing around 3 hrs before. She came over, we took a cat nap for an hour. We obviously got late in getting ready. We ran down to the car at 5:45 thinking being Air India, it will never be on time. We ran to the check in counter and were told that the flight gates are shut. SG and I looked at each other and I immediately thought of not telling my parents if we were gonna be stuck in Mumbai. I really wouldn't want to have that conversation. Anyway we begged and pleaded and finally they let us go (thank god for web check ins. Technology, you should get the Nobel Prize) with a stern look and a warning to not repeat it again. I had a strong urge to sing out 'We are sorry miss' like how we did in KG. SG and I ran till I was red in the face and was gasping for air. (Not very fit you see). We reached Kovalam, tried bargaining with a taxi but to no avail. We reached our hotel, Turtle on the Beach (the name really attracted me), in exact 20 mins (as was mentioned on their site) and plonked ourselves on the bench. It was sweltering hot. We were greeted with shell necklaces and coconut water. I saw a small balcony sort of place outside the lobby. I was mesmerized and walked towards it like a moth to a flame. We were so amazed by the view. I have never seen the sea so blue and beautiful in this country. 

We then went downstairs to eat breakfast in their cozy coffee shop. It was right next to the pool with a breathtaking view. While I had gone to give my egg order, a crow flew and neatly stole a sausage off my plate. How does all this really happen to me. 

It was a Friday so we still had 3 days to go. By the time we finished our meal, our rooms were ready. On the way to the room, we saw a cabinet next to the elevator stacked with books. We were so excited, we immediately grabbed one each and then with sheepish looks asked the guest relations personnel if we could borrow them. Turns out we could and the books were there for the guests themselves! Trip was just getting better and better. We finally reached our home for the next 3 days. Our room was really big with a balcony and we had a clear view of the sea. Most of my room time was definitely spent there. We crashed for a while and decided to go out in the evening. We went towards the beach. It was a 10 min walk from the hotel with a steep slope. Going towards was never the issue. Coming back was a BIG one and which would be for the rest of our trip. We came back soon and ate in the hotel. We ordered beer, got really tipsy and played carrom (the highlight of our trip)

We had so much fun playing that game. We retired early that night. Hey, the purpose of the trip was to relax and unwind and not do anything which will induce aching muscles and sweat (leaving aside the slope and the weather). We woke up at a reasonable time the next day. Reasonable according to vacations and being in time for the breakfast. 

That day was dedicated to spa. Ah! How I was waiting for it. I went in for the Chocolate scrub along with the Ayurvedic Indulgence. Chocolate scrub was delicious and if I was a cannibal I would have eaten myself up. Ayurvedic Indulgence was for 120 mins. After changing, the masseuse made me sit on a chair and massaged my back and my shoulders with the perfect pressure. Not too deep not too light. Then I was made to lie down on the bed and was given a full body massage with deft strokes. Once the massage was over, oil was dripped on my forehead through the pot hanging from above the bed and was given the most relaxing head and scalp massage. I slept there for good 30 mins till the oil soaked my hair. It was one of the best massages I have ever had. I then went for a pedicure and went back to the room. We slept for what seemed like days. We woke up after sunset and decided to go to the German Bakery which was situated on the beach. On the way we picked up little trinkets. We ordered food like we had the munchies. Whilst waiting we discovered a small library neatly tucked into a corner of the open air restaurant. It was the best experience ever along with having a very good cold coffee. 

The next day was spent in a blur. We went out during the day, shopped for small souvenirs and came back completely dehydrated. In the evening we decided to go the Sky Bar of Leela which was a 2 min walking distance. At least the hotel gate was. We did NOT anticipate the walk from the gate to the main lobby to take up half of our lifetime. We reached the bar and found it to be one of the best bars I have ever been to. Not many people (thank god. I hate the people), quiet, beautiful breeze and the sound of the sea crashing over the rocks just next to us. We made a friend there and got talking to the bartender who is also a hotel mgt graduate. It was definitely one of my better evenings. We walked back in a drunken stupor and crashed. The next day we boarded the flight back to Mumbai. I was sad to see how fast the trip got over but t'was awesome while it lasted. We have promised that we will go for another one soon when she graduates from her college. 

Take care my lovelies and make sure you DO take that trip once in a while. Break away from the rut.

(Still to come- my birthday, Niki's wedding and how we got back)

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