Sunday, June 2, 2013

8 and 12 days!

Its that time of the year again everyone! The time for, I honestly believe should have been, a national holiday. Actually, this year should be two national holidays. In 8 days it is my birthday (trust me I get sooper excited about EVERYBODY'S birthday) and in 12 days is my last day of working with hotels (at least for now). It has been 4 long weeks at work with a lot of downs and a one definite up (when AS and I got back :) :) :)). Also, I have never been so sure of getting into writing/ social media as I am now. I have been looking for avenues. Something I will love to do on the side along with my studies. 

I have realized  that driving on Bombay roads is like playing one gigantic tetris especially at signals and jams..... and signals..... and jams. 

This post is a short and random one but next week I swear I will write about my Kovalam trip, my apartment and how we got back! Till then take care. Stop and smell those pesticide ridden roses.

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