Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Addendum: Shoes (noun)- Comfort Stuff

Yup, some changes to the below post.
The 11th point (for Advantages of shoes over clothes) goes for stilletos AS WELL AS the male species.

Reasons why shoes are better than men/ boy friends:
1. Though both of them give you pain and agony, shoes do NOT do it on purpose.
2. Shoes have no say in the relationship you share with them.
3. Shoes are ALWAYS at your feet (like they have choice).
4. Shoes always taste the dust AT your feet.
5. Shoes look up to you.
6. Shoes have no choice BUT to do as you please. (Best part is you don't even need to say it)
7. No matter how you feel shoes will always support you and understand your pain.
8. Shoes are NOT immature.
9. Shoes do NOT get jealous when you fall in love with other shoes.
10. Shoes accompany you for shopping without complaining. (Hey, they are part of your shopping anyway)

Do I need to give more reasons to everybody now as to WHY do I love the things to be worn in the feet? That's it! I am switching careers!

In a few years, actually.


SSQuo said...

Agree with all your thoughts!

One for the boys!

They are able to go out in the snow and pick up a chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream just coz you feel like eating it at 2am in the morning,I need shoes that can do that, you have? :)

Anonymous said...

umm.... open toed shoes +snow = frost bite!!!
But i stil lv shoes and lv the fact how diff shoes match with different dresses!
But y cant we just get shoes in boys... like oohh i like that shoe..lets go hook it up!instead of guys... LOL!

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

i agree with both of u! BUT its the shoes who support u and go with u wherever u want whenever u want without complaining! but like annonymous i wish we could get them at clubs too!

Tanu Anand said...

i sooooo agree with you! and i am recent 'convert' of shoe-addict!!! and maaan..i just cant resist those sexy feet-numbers! :)

Men- take a hike! :P