Friday, December 19, 2008


Ok this is going to be a really short blog compared to what is written below.

Its nothing philosophical or deep or emotional or whatever you think will take lots of time in understanding. Um, does it happen to many of you that when you are drifting off to sleep you get memories? Like they-still-make-me-smile-those-sweet-times memories AND
be-discarded(?) memories. The latter actually happens to me......... A LOT. Actually everytime I am about to fall off to sleep and my mind goes like, "Not this one! Not this one! The other one you fool" and then I end up having arguments with myself. In my sleep. It aint good. (What? Its my two sub-consciouses who argue with each other).

Should conduct a poll on this, eh? What say?


BaWa said...


Priyanka said...

haha... its cuz u got nothing to do for now except resting @ home. So ur mind is so blank it goes back to the past... use to happen with me but my brain neva gave me the chance to choose which one, it would be just random or something in relation to what happened during the day wen i went to the Halloween Haunt ...i swear i thought of the times when u use to get scared by just simply saying theres someone at ur window and looks scary...LOL!