Saturday, January 10, 2009

Work! Work! Work!

I am at work! So this is going to be a very short blog! The thing is I do not want to get caught. 'Cuz if I am then before my Mgt Training gets over, I will be thrown out.

Yeah my comp is not free so cannot check my official mails. Hence, this gives me and excuse to waste time. I am sure all of you reading this have no work either on a Saturday morning.

ok i gotta go now! will be coming up with something soon!


SSQuo said...

Back to work, yay! or rather not sooo Yay, but at least I hope your back is feeling better. Btw, I think there is an option somewhere on Blogger to be able to post something from an email? Just check on it, it may be the perfect solution. We get to read your writing, and you get to keep your job!

Prinks said...

LOL.... if sum1 catches u at wrk ...pretend u were trying a new selling technique for the Marriott... Cmon IHM taught u enuf of those "bahanas"!!