Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah, whatever

Havent been coming to the blog world for quite some time now. So I would like to apologize to the couple of people who MIGHT have missed my blog. I have not been keeping well for a couple of weeks now. Ya know, high fever, body aching it feels it is gonna shatter in 10000000 pieces, then the cold, sore throat and the works. Been fun actually (see the sarcasm dripping, people!)

And I have been shifting apartments. I never realized how much stuff I have. It is so messy.

Also, I have been extremely upset. My two closest people are leaving the city. My sister is graduating and leaving this city next Sunday and my closest friend from college (we have been roomies for the past 4 yrs) is getting transferred to some god forsaken place and she is leaving tomorrow morning. So basically I have been trying hard not to cry like a baby. I can see the days of me eating a tubful of chocolate icecream ALONE coming closer. It will be worse than Valentines Day. Oh god!

So I have been in this "yeah, whatever" mood for quite sometime and I have come to 2 conclusions:

1) This city does NOT suit me, so I NEED to get transferred.
2) I HAVE to get transferred.

Ooh I had a meeting with my Area Director Sales and Marketing and he said I will get transferred in July hopefully, so I am in the process of putting up a calender of 16 weeks on my cupboard and strike out one one day. How exciting is my life!???


priyanka said...

OMG.... that SUCKS....i cant totally imagine ur state.... dnt even know wat to say.... but yeah i do hope u get that transfer!

SSQuo said...

I remember when you started blogging you said, people should not get preoccupied with their lives and not post. :)

Missed your blog. Yes, I know change is hard lah, but in the end it forces you to get out of the city and do something else also, so in a way its a good thing right? See there IS a silver lining. Good weekend to you.

BaWa said...

Oy this place isnt godforsaken!! Not yet anyway! Dont worry Im sure you can convince ur Area DOS to tranfer to this godforsaken place too!! That would be fun!

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

@priyanka:i BETTER get tht transfer, thanks for the wishes tho!

@ssquo: yeah tht was for any night live not for this one. loophole, u c. chnage is hard but good eventually. thanks but its 38 degrees out here. hate the weekend

@bawa: i know the place isnt godforsaken but still. and thanks for leaving a comment after much coaxing

Anand said...

Since Im here...may I take the opportunity to say..ur own "thought" on the 'comment form' is very very encouraging.

Think +ve now and try to see the sunshine. Things wud look betah.

And if it makes u feel any bettah...It happens to everybody...

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

@anand: thts EXACTLY why ive put this up. to encourage ppl to write!

n trust me when ppl say it happens to everyone it DOES NOT make me feel better in anyway cuz i dont care when i gett into such moods, thanks for trying tho. encouragement is always welcome

workhard said...

I hope you get transfered then. and thats what i do when depressed.. ice-cream does wonders... atleast u cried for a reason... me was crying for nothing and then went to baskin robins and had 3 'jumbo scoops' of icecream...