Sunday, March 31, 2013

How awesome is online shopping?

Pretty awesome I have to say. Everything I MEAN everything is available online. Why do I need to go to a mall and jab and elbow my way around or be around pretentious people who wear sunglasses indoors because you know, 'my eyes are so puffy from last night, dahling' when I can get every damn thing on this planet, ON-FUCKING-LINE?!

Its not that I have never had any bad experiences. I have had tons of experiences. Experiences which will be told by me to my grandchildren on a cold night when they bother me with story time and I just want them to get out of my hair so they never come running to me again for stories. The kind of stories which will give them nightmares. The kind of stories which gave ME nightmares. *shudders*.

Anywho, in my tenure of searching for online sites (which I do everyday, mind you) I have come across some pretty awesome ones. I started off with which was THE site which launched and told India about the benefits of online shopping. This was the time they had just launched and the only way you could access the site was when you became a member via an invite from another member and they got 1000 bucks credit which meant you could too which meant you had to coax your friends and colleagues and shamlessly open the site at 1100 hrs EVERYDAY cuz of the new sales and flaunt your new thigamajigs on their faces. Yeah I was and I am notorious for opening the sites at 1100 am.

I then discovered and quite honestly I wasn't impressed with it. It was very 'meh'. Thats when they decided to revamp their site and voila! I was instantly hooked. Then came the online grocery sites (I have never shopped from them quite honestly) and then I thought if this is what is happening to the world then I am sure that ALL my favourite stores outside of my environmental technical bubble will have the options of online shopping as well! Thats even better 'cuz I would have already seen the thingy there physically and its delivered right to my door step.

I am not sure if you have heard of Tappu ki Dukaan or Happily Unmarried or Hitplay but they are awesome online stores. I have never gotten a chance to visit the stores in person. Cuz who has the time in Bombay when a 20-min car ride takes ONE AND A HALF HOURS????????? Where is our God now, huh? (Take deep breaths) The thing with these sites is that because they are soooo conveniently located in the city itself it is usually sent over in less than 24 hrs. So the other day I ordered a wine rack from Tappu ki Dukaan at about 4 pm. I called them up and requested them to please see if they could get the delivery done by the next day. They said that they will try but can't promise. So I was all like 'Ok but please try and thanks a lot' (It is a court-marriage-ceremony's-yet-to-happen-but-you-are-not-single-anymore-so-here-is-a-wine-rack present for Mehta. I have not told you about her? I have to. Will dedicate a post to her). So I was at work minding my own business when the courier boy called me and told me that the parcel had come. Now knowing how much I shop online I do tend to forget the stuff I have ordered. So I went down and guess what I saw? No! The wine rack fools! I was so excited I almost cried. Also because it was so heavy. So I really wanted to thank them. This is my thanks to you for the awesome-sauce service.

So Its been a year and some 3 months since I got transferred to this hotel. This is how many orders I have made till now- 130 (not all the orders have just one item). This is the amount of money I have spent on these orders- INR I dont even want to think about it. anymore paise.

Yes yes online shopping is addictive.

Oh I haven't gone to the online stores in hours.

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