Monday, March 18, 2013

Feeling adventurous on a Monday

said no one EVER. I know I know. I know all my posts now a days begin with 'I know I know I am not too good with updating the blog' and pretty soon my posts will start with 'I know I know all my posts begin with I know I know all my posts begin with.....' you get the drift right? OMG this EXACTLY like inception. Its Blogception. I can die happy now. :) 

Please do forgive me for the above sentences 'cuz its a Monday night and though I DID feel adventurous it lasted for barely 2 seconds and it was gone. Gone like that piece of chocolate which was right in front of me. Seriously, where the hell did it go? Wait, as a well know meme of terminator says, 'I will be Bach'.

3 hours later of soul searching-

Nope. Nada. Nothing. I guess I ate it in depression of HOW BORING MY LIFE IS! Yes my lovelies. Please entertain me. There is nothing to write about. Except, ooh, guess what guess what guess what? I am going on a holiday with a female friend (lets call her SG) in the 1st week of April! I am soooo excited. So the minute we were planning our leave (she quit. Got into ISB u know. Clever bitch) I called up ALL my unmarried cousins and asked them if they were planning to get married anytime soon 'cuz I am TIRED of taking leaves for marriages and not even one of them is mine. So in those gazillion odd vacays I have taken I have never been able to throw a hissy fit or plan my honey moon, or take leave and go shopping for pretty things. Anywho, so we are going traveling bitches! For FOUR. FULL. FUCKING. DAYS! Yes, 4 days in a hotelier's life is equivalent to going on a world trip traveling at the speed of light, ok? Sheesh! I am sure all of you guys will be those annoying customers. I mean its like u r LITERALLY begging us to spit in your coffee. Whats the deal man?

So I CANNOT wait. AS and I had a big fight last week cuz u know how women PMS and cant understand anything logical and how men PMS and understand everything logical. We made up tho. Cuz we are awesome that way. Ooh one more thing. I went for my 2nd concert. For AVB. For the ASOT 600th episode. (AVB- Armin Van Burren). I grew up getting introduced to trance 'cuz of him. It was like my childhood hero is up there. (ASOT 600th episode- A State of Trance 600th episode). (I got groped and felt up when people were dying for beer. I mean seriously? Just cuz there was no room to elbow you trust me I hope you get kicked on your balls with someone wearing high heels and then u jump barefoot in a lego pit. That will teach you to touch women inappropriately. Asshole) Because its India there were 2 technical faults. I mean how can there not be. But who cares?????? Below are a couple of pics. Of the concert. Yes die in jealousy u lesser mortals who couldn't make it! Die!

And then AS and I made up-

I am going and crashing and I swear I will be more regular. I know all my posts end with me saying 'I swear I will be more regular'. Pretty soon they are gonna end with 'I know I end my posts with I know i always say I will be more regular...... etc (end of thinking capacity)' u get the drift right? OMG its like I am on a roll! Blogception all the way! Take that DiCaprio. 

Ok I will shut up.

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