Monday, January 7, 2013

Mayans were right

Ok fine. You were right. I am terrible at updating my blog. But to my defense I have had a busy couple of months ok? Sheesh! So AS's b'day came and it was brilliant 'cuz I threw a party for him in my new apt. It was a supposed to be a surprise party but noooo. Men are dumb and will never learn. His friends I mean. They just let it out with the way they were behaving. I was so upset that I cried at midnight on his b'day. But I gave him instructions to act all surprised and touched and all. That didn't happen either. But seeing the state of my new house, you could tell it was a brilliant partay! (sob) See the invite below-

Ze Cake

Anywho, I then went to Dilli for my cousin's wedding (remember for whom I was practising dancing) and danced on a perfectly raunchy number. I will never see that dance video again. EVER. I definitely look like a green tree (the colour of my outfit) trying to wave my branches. I came back and then went again to Dilli end of December for my friend's wedding. I did catch a bad cold there. Between the 2 weddings, AS and I fought but made up and he gave me a GUESS wallet. I promise to fight with you everyday from now on! Sigh! 

But the point of this post is that I think that the world did end in December. Though not physically but definitely, morally. We lost our humanity and our regards towards a human life. I remember opening up the paper one day. 1 page spoke about the gangrape (I thought that it will be another case like 1000 others); 1 page spoke about the grand father raping is 9 yr old (NINE YEAR OLD YOU SICK FUCK!!!!!!!!) step grand daughter, another page spoke about the mass shooutout in the school. 1 page spoke about a man in China who injured 22 children with a knife (these are children you sick bastards). Then the consequent pages spoke about the dismal performance of India in cricket (you do realize there are other sports and other heroes on this planet). I was nearly crying with frustration when I slammed my door shut and went for work. 

A day later is when I realized the brutality of the rape and how the main accused is a fucking juvie and how he will escape. I will castrate him. But has the govt done anything in the previous years that they will do now? Of course not. They should be the ones getting raped and getting shot. I say release those damn terrorists who attacked the parliament and give them another go. Try try till you succeed eh? I am pretty sure I will be helping them perform the task.

But if you see, Mayans were right. For me along with a gazillion people on this planet, the world did end in December. December 2012 taught us some things which we will not forget in a hurry. It taught us that indeed united we stand. It taught us that people do suffer from loneliness and depression and it's just not some shit in movies. It taught us that you can be brave and fight for your life no matter how injured and breathe till the end. It taught us to not disregard a human life. It taught us that there are sick bastards on this planet and that they should be tortured till the world ends. It taught us and reinforced this thought that the people ruling our country suck balls.

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