Monday, November 12, 2012

(Epic movie, flu, London Olympics)- Awesome Stuff- Part 2

SO y'all read about the wedding? (Yeah I am writing about my life which happened nearly 10-12 months ago). BEFORE the wedding, my director called me and sat me down and asked me how will I like to get a promotion and move out? I was all like..... speechless. She prompted me once, twice and thrice. Then I said I am totally ok moving out of the city. I said I am going on leave so probably after that we could discuss it. After the wedding, I came back and realized I had been shortlisted for interview with my Director's boss for the new position in the sister hotel. I applied for it and got through (obviously not without a couple of nasty remarks from dir's boss. She is kind of mean that way. Women bosses! sigh!) So this meant moving away from AS which I totally hated. So NYE came and we partied like crazy with the rest of the sweaty people. (Having house parties from now on).

I had to join my new hotel on 9th of Jan. I was nervous with butterflies in my stomach. But I dont like talking about work here so I wont. Have more important things to discuss with you guys, you see. So a week later I messaged AS saying I am moving on and there is no point in waiting 'cuz he is never gonna get over that ex of his. He said its for the best. That literally broke my heart. Luckily it was a Friday and my parents weren't home over the weekend so I cried my eyes out. I even cried on seeing senti advertisements. sucks. Being the strong one that I am, I didn't message him AT ALL and vowed not to till he did. (Like any girl would) I went to work on Monday and we are allowed to use Skype. He came on Skype just to chat with me after 2 long years. Finally he met me on Friday and said he likes me and that that one week was probably the longest for him and if I will like to be his gf. I had played this scene over and over in my mind long before and I had decided  I would give him a hard time and say I will think about it but I didnt. I said yes immediately but obviously not before asking him if he was over that ex (will be referred to as 'it' from now on. I do NOT like

So we have been dating for like good 10 months and it has been brilliant with the occasional fights especially when I am PMS-ing (what is with guys and not understanding PMS?) Then came the epic movie of all times 'Dark Knight Rises' and I have never hooted so much before in my life for any movie or clapped for that matter. It was bloody brilliant. My cousin went for the 7 am show. ALONE. Dressed as the joker. I am surprised no newspaper got the wind of that. (My heart is with the Denver shooting victims)

Yeah I came down with the flu what with the non existent rains this time. But I ALWAYS get the flu. I don't know how. Then I ended up getting a viral (after I came back from Chandigarh after my cousin (who is younger than me which my mom doesn't let me forget) got engaged). But when I had the flu I did manage to see the London Olympics opening ceremony and Oh My God! Was it brilliant. Kudos to people of my land for making it till there.

I have finally moved into my new apt after 9 months of living with my cousin and my aunts ('cuz the commute from our house is sooooo long that I spend nearly a day traveling). My cousin is getting married and I have started dance practice for her sangeet and my family is pleasantly surprised with my 'talent' (is that what you kids are calling it these days?).

I have also realized Sunday evenings are way worse than Monday mornings. The look on everyone's face just registers doom as the sun starts setting. Right now is VERY EARLY Monday morning and I really think I should go sleep if I dont want to be late for my morning meeting. My stars haven't been really good these past couple of 10 days. More on that later (hopefully next week. No. Dont u DARE roll your eyes. I will write next week! Loser).

Gnight my lovelies and enjoy this festive season. Don't burn yourself or wear flammable clothes and prance around over lit candles. Have a fun week. 

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