Sunday, July 15, 2012

(Yeah I should be abused)- Awesome stuff- Part 1

I know I know. I am sorry. Its been nearly 7 months and I know my non existent readers have contracted the deadly-we-always-wait-for-her-and-she-is-always-late-so-lets-ignore-her virus. Well, to that I will like to apologize AGAIN and ask you to read my description in my profile. I have mentioned there that I am always late. I really don't know how. I mean I get ready real fast but its as if time suddenly turns into speed of light whenever I need to be somewhere at a given time and the entire world just decides to travel to MY location, WITH ME, at MY time. Weird.

Anywho, 7 months back I promised that I will come out with various posts to keep you guys updated and with the goings-on of my awesome life. Yeah! you heard me. I am being positive. Yeah, its a new for me too. Still reeling from the shock. Hey, that can be a plausible excuse. That I cant get over how awesome 2012 has been (touchwood) and that's why I didnt blog 'cuz, you know, I was like in a whirlwind or somethin'.

So this is the 1st post of my life mini series. I am so lost where I ended so I will start with the 1st thing that happened. Sis got married! Yeah. Ain't that great? Obviously had to be at the hotel I used to work in. So she got married in November (surprise surprise). Weather was brilliant and I obviously could not lose weight. Has that ever happened? But being the sister of the bride its not all parties and squealing but a butt load of work. Like running around, listening to people complain, running around, listening to family gossip, running around, listening to people being judgemental, running around, listening to people being judgemental about people being judgemental, running around, listening to parents panic, running around, listening to the sister how she wants HER lil sister to get tequila on stage so she doesnt panic and run away. You get the drift, right?

But by the end of it, sis was happily married. The cocktail night was brilliant. (AS came and left in like 5 mins. I was sooper pissed with him but at least he came for the main day. Forgiven.) So cocktail night was the night when ALL of us were drunk (parents are teetotalers) including the bride and the groom. My cousin bro was so awe-struck by the groom's voice that he just couldn't understand WHY isn't he in the voice-over business. He did make it a point to try and drive his point home like when the bride and groom were sooper drunk and were getting all mushy and close on the dance floor. Ceremonies went on till like 4 in the morning like any good Punju wedding. I swear I could here people waking up and stretching and starting their morning Yoga. When the bride was leaving, I was expecting a lot of waterworks from all the females in the family and I wasn't disappointed peoples. No I didn't cry. Not much of a crier. Though I did ask mom is she was crying 'cuz sis was gonna come back home after her honeymoon and that is understandable. Yeah she didn't pay attention to that. Sis HAD to come back 'cuz her hubby was working in a different city. That's totally messed up. But, he took a transfer to Bombay and they are leading a happy married life. Well, Good Luck to them and all the best and may they be blessed with a gazillion babies. Sis should definitely NOT read this.

Ok, this is the beginning of a new week and tomorrow is yet another useless Monday, you will have a part 2 soon! Gnight for now. (please dont expect xoxo here. I don't like it and I don't know what it means. If its an invite to the 'x' and '0' game then I am all for it.)

PS- Did I tell you that the wedding photographer was really cute and all of us (including the bride) had the vacation crushes on him? (Vacation crush - vay-kay-shun kr-sh - Someone you have a crush on when you are on vacation or on leave).

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Shireen Jaikumar said...

I fell off the berth on the train when i read 'running around and....running around and...' gosh firstly u running around is a funny vision alltogether, secondly OMG, ur mad n queeet meghu !! Write abt me now biatch, n pls for godsake continue writing cuz atleast u hv the sense & sensibility to word a sentence and provide the reader a mighty laugh after a hard day !! i need the AS story soon n u hv a week to complete that woman !! mwaaaah gorgeous, 'sooper' writeup darling ...