Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a random day

I am alone in the office right now. Actually with a friend of mine. No, not because I am early (I never am, you see) but because everyone's gone for a meeting and at least two people have to be in the department. What if an annoying guest calls up early in the morning? Someone should be around, right? Yes, hotels make me cynical. And a sadist. Anywho, mom dad are coming tomorrow to the city 'cuz it is my sister's graduation and its her last few days in Hyderabad + they need to see the dump I live in. Yes, this city makes me cynical. And a sadist (evil laugh).

My mind is not working at all. I think I am gonna end up with a lock jaw or something if I dont stop yawning right now. Got up early today for a walk you see. (What? It is the truth)


Anand said...

Dunno which is true...whether u write in such a way that anyone can imagine it rite away OR..Im super imaginative..

I think the former.

And sadist.....U? oooohh..somehow that has an arousing effect on me... Id like to see u in the act.


SSQuo said...

I believe you went for a walk! I do (ye right!:))