Friday, July 3, 2009

Boring and badly put.......... life that is. Yeah I was pondering over as to what my life is and I realized I sooo need to get one.

First of, my apologies to the "couple" of readers of my blog. I haven't visited this world in a long, loooooooooooong time.

So back to my "philosophies". I am again on bed rest. Everyone thinks I am so lucky and that I just chill and sleep. Trust me its not THAT great for the following reasons:

1) Since it concerns my back, I cannot even THINK of wearing anything above 0 inches. And if you know I practically live in my sky high stilettos.

2) I can only read so much, surf so much and sleep so much that I got nothing to do. There is ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY nothing to eat and the T.V. is kinda broken down. So I try counting the cracks on the ceiling and look for any lizards that I might want to clobber.

3) Speaking of reading I have started simply hating the books I read. I mean why does there have to be a love story or a romance blossoming in every godforsaken book I read? I feel so worthless. I should try reading murder mysteries but then again even they have the stupid romance between the main guy and his extremely-hawt-drop-dead-gorgeous-should-not-be-alive sidekick. And then they have these snidey remarks about each other and then bam! Guess what? They are at the altar professing their love, the mystery gets solved and everyone is teary eyed saying how beautiful these endings are! Sigh! Pretty, ain't it? Yuck! I should probably read something like "World's most wanted Serial Killers" or "Organizational Behaviour". I am pretty damn sure and give you writing in blurd (blood) that they do NOT have any love story blossoming within them! (FYI people: I HATE Mills and Boons EVEN when my love life was blossoming. The books are just plain sad and not in an emotional kind of way).

4) Its 04:10 am. What more explanations do you want?


Prinks said...

Suggestion for reading: Strategic Hospitality Management.
Reading this would either
- put u too deep sleep
- make you hate your life even more
-make you super smart!

Try it out ;)

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

I think the 2nd one will be the most appropiriate one here, eh Prinks?

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

and please check out the link on the 04th comment

Anand said...

Top notch post if put in the category of the 'world's best negative thinking post'.

U give urself way less credit than deserving. But hey..the back thing..damn..I really do wish it wud go away and u be okie dokie again.

And as usual..I loved ur post.:-)

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

gee thanks for the encouraging word. really makes me feel a whole LOT better. didnt u read the part where it said its 0410 am and im on bed rest like till eternity and ive absolutely noone here and im bloody hungry! huny from where will the positivity come?

Anand said...

Hehee.....Yeaaa.. Ur rite. I completely skipped that part. But didnt u read the part in my comment where I said..I loved ur post?? :-) I did.

U have a way of putting down those words jus right.

Howz the ol' back?

Anand said...

And dahling sometimes I really wonder.....

WHy the hell u torturing urself this way???? Especially when u hv an option of taking leave and goin back home for some deserving rest and back test on the grounds of medical problems????

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

haha thanks. im at work today actually. i actually DID skip tht part. Sowwiee! thank u for liking my post. noe THTS encouraging and im not being sarcastic.

i wish i cud go home but i cnat cuz if i do ive a very bad feeling will be thrown out.

workhard said...

I know.. theres bloody romance and love everywhere.... im beginning to feel sick...

counting cracks and looking for

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

hey workhard!!!!! welcome back! good to see u!

yeah i hate love stories. i mean i used to love them now lately ive started detesting them. i mean whts the point. they have these picture perfect 'uns and i have this worthless-never-will-it-happen-even-if-i-give-up-on-chcolate love life! pathetic!

yeah trust me. actually come to think of it i havent seen a lizard in a long looooong time now! sigh!