Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yeah it apparently means irrational fear of dark. I do not have it but I do get scared of the dark. And guess what? While watching the movie "The Woods" (of all the movies on this goddamit planet) the lights went off. And why? 'cuz some two tiny-minuscule-invisible-to-the-naked-eye-wont-even-hurt-an-amoeba rain drops fell. How stupid. I mean SERIOUSLY how stupid! Anyway, so here I am writing this blog hunting for the keys in the dim laptop light (its dim not 'cuz laptop sucks 'cuz I had to reduce the power, duh!) and also 'cuz I felt like writing something. It is NOT supposed to rain 'cuz its bloody humid and getting so with every passing nano second.

Yeah darkness and humidity make me cynical.

I need a chocolate. (not 'cuz I am addicted to it, I am not I swear! But 'cuz it will melt in the fridge u see.)


Anand said...

I can almost imagine u ya. Dont worry...u will survive.
I hope u voted this time. Do smething urself about the damn electricity. Demand to see the candidate and ask him face front wt the hell the problem is.

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

Sigh! I wish life were that easy. Anywho I am not political by nature so no voting happening from my end. I follow the 49-O rule in the Constitution or something like that. You?