Saturday, August 22, 2009

Buh-bye email

Nah not from the blog world but from where I work. I got transferred to another hotel of the same chain and so I wrote this below goodbye email. Everyone ESPECIALLY the GM found it funny. Tell me what you think of it (read: good opinions only. Bad 'uns can write their own good bye email to me!) -

"Hi guys!

Finally an e-mail wherein I do not have to be very formal. This email might sound a bit cliched but let me start anyway. As you all know (hopefully) that I am getting transferred to "Hotel Name" (you actually think I will give out the name on a public blog? Ever heard of stalkers?) and today is my last day. Well, actually its my “clearance day”.

First of I would like to apologize to anyone to whom I might have been rude to (which is hopefully never) and for my mistakes (which unfortunately are quite a bit).

Second, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for all the support, fun, jokes, parties and of course work which everyone has given me. This has been my first work place ever and to be honest I was not sure when I first joined here. As everyone knows I cribbed and whined and cried on some days but whaddya know? I got attached! It is a bit difficult for me to leave this office and all the friends I have made here. I have learnt a lot here in terms of work and in terms of, well, not work. I do not know what impact I have made here but whatever it is I hope it is good. If not, at least everyone will still talk about me (sigh!)

As you all must have already guessed I have never been very good at this “Archies Gallery” stuff and I would really love to write about everyone here individually but it is going to take time and I have to run to HR. I swear before I leave I will definitely do so.

As they say now a days, “after you accept the Facebook Friends request then you become friends” or something like that. What I am trying to say is you can reach me on Facebook / Orkut / Gtalk / Gmail through or Skype. You can find my Skype id below in my signature for your kind perusal!!!!! The same has been highlighted in red. (Yeah yeah I realized my signature for the Skype Id is not there. Get the hint!)

Really going to miss this place (sniff!) (I swear on my shoes and back!)

Take care guys!"

Well? Whaddya think?


avdi said...

Great ! I think of all the inspid goodbye mails, and this one totally scores in comparision.

Hv fun in the new workplace.

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

hey avdi! haha thanks so much! well i AM bad at the emotional stuff so whatever i feel comes out in a very sarci (?) way.

haha pls keep on visiting

Anand said...

That was formal enuff. Wud it be rong when I say ..u r more available on the net (FB, Orkut etc etc) than in real life?? To top it off, we all carry plastic money these days. Sighh..

Loved the post. I dare not say anything negative here (a la pre-warning). :-)

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

yeah! well, good you paid heed to the warningbefore. and huny online is where i am everyday of my life 'cuz work has consumed all of our lives! help! i am working on a sunday, what do u expect?