Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mum's anecdotes!

Now that my exams and "hard work" seems to be finally over, I thought i should devote some time to my parents, hence this blog "Mum's anecdotes".

Over the years, right from my drooling age of 1 yr to i-love-u-mom-dad 10 yr old girl to u-have-no-right-to-tell-me-anything-i-am-a-13-yr-old-woman to oh-god-i-have-been-dumb 22yr old, i have heard various proverbs/ similes/ thoughts from my mom be it when she is livid/ happy/ teasing me. I have realized when to shut up and when to argue with her. For example: when she is being utterly patient on the phone when I waste her time, I know I should hurry up in keeping down the phone 'cuz she is losing patience with me.

So here it goes:

  1. Dont eat that! Its poison! : Usually said when I haven't been to the gym or moved AT ALL.
  2. Dont think u will get food if u dont go to the gym: I thought she was kidding till she actually practiced what she preached.
  3. I dont think I will ever live to c u lose some wt.: When i have eaten a morsel extra.
  4. I have been desperate since 9th std to see good grades: Which is so not true 'cuz I received pretty decent marks till 10th.
  5. My whole family shouldn't eat: Great kidder, my mom!
  6. Can i ever c u vertical?: When I have been sleeping the whole day 'cuz apart from looking out of the window there is nothing much to do in the house.
  7. I ate double today: Usually said out of happiness when I dont end up eating.
  8. Dont worry, every1 goes through it: Usually said when I whine about the amount of work we have.
  9. A Muslim priest has a journey only till the Mosque: Usually said in hindi and usually spoken when asked where did she and dad go in the evening. Basically she went to a very nearby and a boring place.
  10. A donkey will never do what his master says, but it will end up doing the same thing when not told: Basically I'm always, invariably compared to the said donkey. I never do anything what everyone keeps on nagging me about but end up doing the exact same thing when I'm bored. Usually said in Punjabi when my mom has lost patience with me.
  11. I know I am the worst person on this planet and dont understand u at all and I have no heart: Usually when fights get a LEETLE serious and she gets dramatic when I have said something like "no one understands me".
Now over to dad's best advices and anecdotes:
  1. Listen to your mom.


SSQuo said...

Mum's will me mum's!

Yet, in all these anecdotes you see the strain of protection, worry, love, care, etc.

Remember the means of delivery of advice or phrases by respectable elders (aka mama) should not be mistaken for the true ulterior motive of wanting only great things for their Darling Megha!

haha. I know u see just like this!

Destined Miracle ........ said...

maggie :)

u write soooooooo well ... didnt knw tht. i have read 2 articles so far and they are both 22222 good :)
especially this one .. :)
will b bac to read more
keep writing and posting
take care :)


Priyanka said...

aww.. i think this got me a lil senti sorts... Mum's are the best,they can just so tolerate the shit we giv em and yet be so sweet.. but wateva they say makes sooo much sense.... How much eva we say its sounds bullshit..but later on u do realize- oh if i had done wat mumma said probably i wud hav not been in this shit!
PEOPLE LISTEN TO MOmMA... they kno everything...

abhishek said...


This is the best one..... i can so visuallize ur maa and dada talkin to u this way....

nyweis...... i miss them alot :)
wink wink..

keep on writing

love Zulu