Thursday, June 12, 2008

Its 1:15 pm. Tomorrow is my final year final exam on Operations, analysis and planning (popularly known as oap since the full version is to big to say. takes me 5 mins to remember it). While studying (ever thought as to how n y one wants to waste the maximum amount of time by thinking and doing weird-out-of-the-blue never-will-i-do-this-in-my-free-time stuff when exams r going on?) I was just thinking that how come do these subjects come together? Are some random words just thrown together to make em sound difficult and important? I mean words like strategic (as in strategic corporate finance and strategic hospitality management, what do they mean?) I still don't understand them.

Wont life be much easier and simpler and wonderful if the subjects were like "search the net and come up with random but interesting stuff", or "talk to the faculty and measure your patience level" or "play games and let us test your level of multi tasking and decision making" etc etc. This is more practical. In real life situations there is no way am I going to think about what I read on page number 289 which model I referred to while solving a hypothetical situation (which obviously had to involve a guest and a company and where they went wrong and the customer almost hyperventilated) and try to remember the weird circles and boxes which connect with each other with no logical reasoning AT ALL!

They should seriously teach us stuff which will help us. Like what to gift your significant other, how do you come out of tight spots and use your gift of gab WITHOUT using management reasoning etc etc. I mean how bored were people to actually come up with things like "Queuing theory"? The whole point of queues is that its 1st come 1st serve basis, and they r formed when the guy behind the counter is slow and obviously "where there is a queue there is a fight" (Megha Gupta, 2008).

ok I THINK I've gone into the bloggin-is-fun-while-"studying"-for-exams mode. But still this whole thing is worth pondering over.


sharmeansify said...

indeed BRILLIANT (read as our QT faculty would say it!) to come up with a THEORY like that, during the exams especially! proud of you! EXCELLENT (read as our QT faculty would say it!)

SSQuo said...

So how did the exams go? Keep up the writing!