Thursday, May 29, 2008

hardly working or hard working?

After the overwhelming response of 1 comment from one of my friends I thought I should write another one.

Today, while giving an exam and sitting next to the window, with the breeze blowing in my falling-like-snow hair, I had a profound awakening. I realized, people have different views about "hard working" and "hardly working". Like, take me for example, thinking or something as stressful as lifting a finger is "hard working" for some people its no work AT ALL (that shocked me too!). Ok, on more serious notes have you ever realized how shocked or amazed your parents, friends, significant other, better half, foe (who is obviously happy at your expense), get when you recount how hard you have worked the whole day BUT in their eyes its nothing. Someone or the other will invariably start off saying (after you have relived your whole day's experience, of course), "This is nothing. I had a worse day. Be happy that you did not get up 30 secs late." or something equally insignificant, the situation being the same mind u.

During exam time its very common to go from person to person and asking them how much have they done. I always end up asking people whom I know will have done much lesser than I have. But it gets on to my last nerve when people want to have small talk and start off by saying, "U must have done a lot, eh? I have hardly done anything" and when asked what have they done, the reply will be, "Oh! my 100th revision is left, I have been awake for ONLY 2 nights AND around 1 paragraph is left." By the time this is said i have already hyperventilated/ fainted/ slapped that person/ or slammed my door (depending on the degree of getting onto my last nerve). I mean what is that? Hard working (in normal person's eyes)? Hardly working (in that person's eyes)? Or working till failing-is-worse-than-dying state (in my eyes obviously)?


Shiraz said...

Now that its over, what d u have to say!!

Priyanka said...

uhhh i am pretty sure i was one of those who were pretty much in the boat u were in.... i do not EVA in the 4 yrs of my college life remember doing "revision" as far as i think it was i still need to read half the course and there's 10 mins before we get in to give our exam...but i was REAALLLLYYY Hardworking... I think so!!

Anonymous said...

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