Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My bittersweet life in 2010 or one of the more clichéd titles thanks to a popular rock band.

So the year started off with a hangover on a Friday. How do I remember it was a Friday? Well, the calendar obviously and ‘cuz we had to go for work. Yup! When the world was popping aspirins on 1st January 2010 and having steaming mugs of coffee to nurture the throbbing headaches, we hoteliers, sat in the offices with no phones ringing.

January came and went and the shortest month followed suit which felt like eons to me due to, let’s say, twuble at the workplace. Was still a management trainee. Had a lot of trips back and forth from my boss’s cabin. Was told they were doubtful of my promotion. Well, I am glad I was the bearer of the good noose (noose is right). Took 2 weekends off.

March was uneventful apart from the much deserved, 2-yr long awaited convocation ceremony which finally certified me as a graduate in B.A. (Hons.) in Hotel Management. I had finally and completely shifted out of the dilapidated area called my accommodation and shifted in with my sister at a more humane location and called it home. April flew in like an annoying pigeon in a house and took off after lingering for what seemed like forever. Took a total of 4-5 weekends off.

May saw some slight, let’s say developments, for a want of a better word, in my life. We had the Associate Appreciation Week and I did what I do the best: made a fool of myself and cringing at the very thought of that time. I finally did get promoted to a more boss-y level. I have realized it gives me immense sadistic pleasure especially during PMS.

Then came my birthday month, countdown for which had started popping up from 10 days prior on my friends’ news feed on FB thanks to my hourly updates. The D-day came and wished more than ever to not be single. June finished in a blink of an eye.

July was a month which was divided in 2 halves. 1st half consisted of working till 12 in the night and the 2nd half consisted of wishing I was at work till 12 in the night. Had gone to Mansarovar. Yup! Definitely once in a lifetime (experience).

Monsoons refused to go. August and September were better with developments (+ve ones) in my professional, personal and social life. No longer did I feel like a total losa! October was humid with continuous rains. Started following uber-cool programmes like Lie To Me, Bones, Criminal Minds and of course Master Chef Australia. I cut my almost-waist length hair till my ears and coloured it red.

November days were taken up by my boss’s disapproving glares for my red hair and me coming in 10 mins late for the morning meetings. November evenings were taken up by shifting in back with my parents 2 hrs away from where I work and from where I had fallen in love with my lifestyle and my religious following of Master Chef. November’s 1st half was cold and dreary in Mumbai and the 2nd half was cold and dreary in Pune. October – November went in deciding social life over the weekends and the possibilities of stay overs. Closest friend got married and I was forced to re-think my single status. Got to know of a horrible case of one of my guests. R.I.P.

December is nearly done. Master Chef is almost done. Been awaiting in anxiety for the winner to be declared. Had an awesome Secret Santa in the office. Had a present-less Xmas over the weekend. Just been needing reasons to party and go shopping.

Been reflecting on 2010 and trying to rectify my mistakes (which, by the way, are none). Been stressed as to how should we end the last Friday of the last year of the 1st decade of the 2nd millennium. Same time 2 yrs hence, on 12th December 2012, world might not be no more so have to blackmail my parents into doing whatever I want (which, by the way, I still do). Got 2 weekends off. Yup! Year was divided in 52 weekends for me.

2010 hasn’t been the most awesomest year and my womanly intuitions are telling me nor will 2011. Status on FB will still reflect single, heart will be broken yet again and as always, friends will get married, will try to get into Fashion Journalism, weight will not be lost, career and job will be equivalent to that dreary time of 9-12 hrs almost everyday (hopefully not on weekends), social life will (hopefully) be rocking, sister will definitely get married, mom dad will start loving their lives once again, birthday will come and I will be a year older without having anything to tell my grandkids.

Yup! Totally looking forward to 2011. Hence proved.


Neha Mehta said...

ill be single too wid u..we'll deal wid it together..:D

Shireen said...

oh my dear..ur yr sounds pretty interesting..being sgl is wunderful !!!

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

@noah: totally. we will meet midway of Canada and India and get dwunk. im thinking Amsterdam.

@shireen: isnt it?