Thursday, November 12, 2009


I wanted to write the title as "Life" but if I would have, it would have sounded philosophical and the 1 or 2 readers who DO read my blog wouldn't have visited my page. Whoever has seen Ratatouille would know what I am talking about. Those who haven't well here's a tiny, version for you. This movie revolves around a rat named Remy who loves to cook and has the eyes and nose for the most delicious ingredients and recipes. By turn of fate, he lands in Paris and in one of the most famous Michelin starred restaurants there. Now the chef who used to own the restaurant dies because one food critic gives him bad reviews and he loses one Michelin star and hence 'cuz of shock has a heart attack. Remy has always admired him and knows his (the chef's that is) book "Anyone can cook" in and out. The whole story revolves around Remy and how he helps the new garbage boy in the restaurant to cook who is actually the secret son and the heir to the restaurant. The critic hears of this and wants to come back for another visit and is surprised with the food and even more surprised to learn about Remy. He now believes that anyone CAN cook which roughly translates that no one on this planet is a useless lump (as my mother fondly calls me. Useless lump that is, NOT a rat. Thinks I am not intelligent enough to be one.)

There is a book I relate to life as well, and that is (drum roll please)"Murphy's Law". Yeah you read that right! I mean I agree with him when he says "Smile tomorrow could be worse" I even agree with him when he says "when a body is immersed in water, the phone rings". I completely, honest-to-God agree with him when he says "Mother Nature is a bitch".

NB: I have absolutely NOTHING against Mother Nature. Hey, but being a woman, anyone CAN be a bitch.


P said...

i truly believe in murphy too...everythin he say's is sooo relavent and true!!!

PS: u are Remy.. i am sure u gonna become BIG one day :D

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

sigh i know. so basically u r comparing me to a RAT??!!!!!!

BaWa said...

Mmm.. Deep!!

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

tit? dont forget brilliant

Anand said...

Hey BiATCH. Sup??
Who says Mother Nature is a bitch?? Kide padenge usse...jisne bola. Lol.

Listen..ur writeups - me like. Period. Mwuahh :-)

Hickk....hey, Im drunk. hehe.

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

so u comment on my page when dwunk? i dont mind cuz truth comes out then :)