Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I feel!

Don't you "yawn" at me or this title! Yeah lots of things going on right now. You know like a turmoil of emotions and shit. So, drunk (not EXACTLY drunk) after beer? Check. In my fuzzy socks? Check. Alone? Check. Counting the hours left for me to sleep? Check. A body of boiling blood? Check. Yeah you read THAT right. No, I am NOT having a sick psychotic-oh-my-God-I've-finally -gone-over-to-the-dark-side-'cuz-of-work experiment. I am talking about moi. After beer a few of us went for coffee and I am sure you know how the conversation jumps from one topic to another without any random connection. So the topic finally rested on 26/11. I literally have absolutely no words to describe what I am feeling at the moment. I am sure you will understand. I do NOT understand the objective behind killings. If you justify it by saying "Religion" I swear to God I will take my highest and my sharpest heel WITHOUT a freakin' heel cap and beat you to death. This answer is EXTREMELY laughable. Though I am not in a mood to laugh, I will do so anyway.

10 mins later.......

Laughter IS the best medicine! Oh where were we? Yes, on that laughable reason. I do NOT understand the logic of some people from the SAME effing industry being so callous. i do NOT understand that lone terrorist being held for trial. Take the bloody answers and castrate him. Without anesthesia. I do NOT understand losing people because of some retards. I do NOT understand kids being orphaned. I do NOT understand people losing their entire families. No I do not. I cannot. No matter how hard I try I cannot for the life of me answer these doubts. Can you? If you can then I will be forever in your debt.

(Note from the author: Not in the same lines as my previous posts but couldn't help it.)


Anand said...

The answers r not easy.

The real problem is this..The bad guys..they have a logical funda of their own on why they do wot they do...and unfortunately some of it is right.
The solution - Resolve their fundas and u will get a peaceful place.
That's it !! SIghh..

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

hmmmm deep