Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Upto U"!

That is one sentence I HATE. Simply hate. Hate - [hayt]- Something you detest or well, hate. I am very indecisive by nature. So when I am confused about something like "Should I eat first and then drink or should I drink first and then eat?" or more important ones like "Which shoes to wear? The cherry red ones with ultra high heels or the cherry red ones with ultra low heels or the maroonish red ones?" I usually ask some people, a.k.a. my friends (apparently) and the answer they give is "Upto u! Whatever you are comfortable doing" Hellow! If I was to know what am I supposed to do in life I wouldn't have asked an answer to these earth-shatteringly-world-and-my-life-are-coming-to-an-end questions! Most of my friends (apparently) usually have this "choose the right answer" thing going on when I ask them something. The options are as follows:

1) What?
2) Upto u!
3) Seriously?

Now knowing how indecisive I am (please read above) how the hell am I supposed to tick the right one?! Now if you ask me something reeeally important like "Should I have a cheese pizza or pepperoni and cheese pizza?" or "Where should we eat Chinese? From that place which serves excellent chicken fried rice or that place which serves event awesomer chicken fried rice?" and I was to say "Upto u! Whatever you are comfortable doing", wouldn't I be in your hit list? Of course I will be. Hence, help your friends (apparently) make this world a happier place.

Now I am in the mood for making "Upto u! Whatever you are comfortable doing" an illegal sentence. 'Course there are gonna be clauses to that. You CANNOT say "Upto u! Whatever you are comfortable doing" to the President when he has to make decisions, right? You CANNOT say "Upto u! Whatever you are comfortable doing" when a serial killer is staring at you right in the face. You CANNOT say "Upto u! Whatever you are comfortable doing" to your plumber. And you CANNOT say "Upto u! Whatever you are comfortable doing" if your friend asks for suggestions on her hair colour and the likes! So it HAS to be made illegal. But it can be legal whenever your annoying boss asks you something equally annoying, or to that bitch who set to make your life miserable no matter what you say or if the guy/ girl you love are deciding which movie to go for. So there ARE obviously gonna be clauses before all of you die of shock and it will be all my fault.

So you think I should go for an appeal!

No wait! Do NOT answer. I know what some sadists like you would like to say.


Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

um thanks anon

Anand said...

i read something like that anywhere and id know it's YOU who has written it....
Loved it and slurped it deliciously. all in..(gulp):-)

Next time u r indecisive...toss a coin ya. Wot the fu**. Or toss the damn friend who says Upto u again out the window. Will work. :-)
Try it. haha

Loved it baby. Keep it up. Wana read more.

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

thank u thank u anand! im thinking of the next topic

rukhsana said...

i kno im th one who this blog is dedicated to (slyly) though!
but whn ever iv given u th answer to th million $ quaestions which u keep askin, u land up doin jus th opposite.. so, thats y i say.. upto u, wht ever ur comfortable with'. :P

but i had a nice laugh, n agree with ur anand, if i'd ever read sumthin like this, i kno its gotta be u!

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

'course ruks huny. it is dedicated to almost ALL my friends (apparently). Glad u liked it. pls keep visitng

Anonymous said...

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