Saturday, September 25, 2010

..... and so the weekend started!

During our school English Grammar exams, we were always given a choice on an essay topic. I always ended up choosing a story wherein the starting line or the ending used to be given and we had to fabricate something totally awesome (like my blog. But it is not a work of fiction. It is my truthful life. I know. Pathetic, isnt it?). So the title sort of works that way 'cuz I will be ending today's post with the exact same wordings.

Lemme start day-wise:


So the morning started in the same ol' usual way (yawn). My alarm rang at 6:30 am. I snoozed it. It rang again at 6:40 am, I snoozed it. It then rang at 7:00 am I didnt hear it. So my sister kicked me and yelled at me for full 5 mins when I realized it. I FINALLY dismissed it. (Nirvana). So at 8:15 I got up with my usual 'Oh Shit!'. Got ready. Had the choice of making coffee and wearing my lenses and I was torn for choice. It was a bit like that poem in which that guy stands in front of a fork in the road and the entire poem basically describes him trying to see which road he takes and stuff. I have always picturized him scratching his head and looking around. Ok so now back to the topic. I did both. Hah! Obviously I reached at 9:10 for the 9 am morning meeting (yawn. AGAIN). But alas! iIshould have known the fight with my sister was basically a sign from the big guy upstairs. So on my way to the hotel, I had a fight with the auto driver. As well! Yeah. Pathetic! I basically asked him to go from the wrong side cuz thats is what u r supposed to do else I wouldn't have reached before 9:30. So I fought for like full 10 mins and I actually felt very bad for the way he was talking to me. So I finally reached, took my uniform and ran to change. And guess what? My stockings ripped. Yup! Perfect start! So I made it to the morning meeting and was greeted by The Stare. You know the hateful one which your bosses give u. Yeah, that one. Now being the pro that I am I, like totally, ignored it. (note to my bosses: no offense I swear!) And as my goof ups have to come all together, I got yelled at like 3 times in that one hour; and everytime my boss would tell me, I am not yelling at you and in my head I went like, "um, then who?" (please read the above bracketed note). Ok if you must know my goof up. I basically did some major absent-mindedness in which the hotel occupancy dropped. (Why does that always happen with me?) So all in all it was a pretty shit day. So many of my guests came in, I could not complete my work, I was tired and in desperate need for some 1000000 pints of beer. So we made a plan to drink at my friend's place. So while going I stopped to withdraw cash and buy chocolate donuts. I needed them. So finally I decided to crash at my friend's place and that is another whole different story and I will need another post for that.
So I had work on this dreary day. You remember above I had mentioned I crashed at my friend's place. Yeah so reached work late. Yet again! (surprise! surprise!). We usually order food from outside on weekends. So as my friend/ colleague was collecting cash I realized I did not have my debit card. I was frantically searching for it when I fel cold and possibly even dizzy. Sick to the stomach was also one of the symptoms. If you are not intelligent and not a 'eye-for-detail' reader with a photgraphic memory then I will like you to read the last few sentences of "Friday" wherein I mentioned I stopped to withdraw cash. I had basically left my card in the damn ATM machine but thought that since I have a spare card I am saved and my account balance was untouched. Muah to u internet banking! Actually there was hardly any cash in it for anyone to take it. I feel bad for whoever must have tried it. So I ran and I ran to the ATM or rather sat in the car, chewed my nails like a beaver while the driver drove the car there. So the ATM machine had swallowed my card and destroyed it. It sounded like a nuclear weapon which has just targeted the enemy side and has vowed to destroy each and every cell of that side of the world. But I had my spare card. So it was not so bad, though I felt low 'cuz I have never done something so stupid. Anyway, after work I decided to get me and my sister some coffee. So I went to Costa Coffee to do the honours and lo behold! after 2 months of opening they still don't accept cards. Can u believe that?! In this day and age of pollution-creating-world-destroying-plastic money, who does that! So I walked back to another ATM this time and tried the spare card. Nothing happened. Tried it again, the machine blinked blankly at me. Tried the 3rd time and I expected "r u stupid?" to flash across in front of me. Then I tried my savings card. Nothing happened. By this time I was this close to a stroke. So I dialled the helpline number and the helpful guy very cheerfully told me that the spare card was valid only for a month (and I could hear it in his mind, "U moron you have had it for a year! for what?") I must have sounded hysterical 'cuz then he assured me that I will get my new card by the following week and re-assured me and then some more. Of course the card has not come till now, and it has been 10 days. So I went home in a huff, took some cash which was in my cupboard, went back to Costa Coffee. I finally got the nectar and ambrosia I needed and headed home. I entered the elevator. I reached my 2nd floor house when the stupid, STUPID paper bag (who puts liquids/ drinks in paper bags? especially cold ones which fuckin' condense!) opened up, like someone's mistress, and threw my coffee on the floor. I could only stare and not breakdown and cry. So I went home with my chocolate brownie and prayed no one knew it was me but alas! In this day and age where cameras ae EVERYWHERE I was finally caught (Where is the privacy, you nosy bastards?). So the security called and I had to go and mop up the entire elevator and clean it till it was spic and span otherwise the security would have slammed the elevators door shut on my head. They were watching me like hawks. So I went home, banged the door shut and slept off with evil thoughts of killing humanity going on in my head. Then I had to back to my friend's place as there was a birthday get together. So I drank not 'cuz I had to but 'cuz I needed to. Then I thought I will sleep in my friend's room, but ended up sleeping alone on a mattress in the living room. Got up on Sunday at 7:30 am with a massive hangover and left for Pune for Florida's concert.
.... and so my weekend started!
Ok fine! There is one word difference between the title and the last sentence. So sue me! You cant see me happy, can u? Hmph!

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Shireen said...

I like ur weekends...atleast u do sumthin contructive