Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To be or not to be! or There are always signs from up above

I never thought I will say this, ever, in this life time at least but I can only hope that the God of Shopping (if only there is. I have my doubts now. Read on to know why) forgives me but I had no choice. So here goes. It has taken me a lot of time to build up the courage to pen it or rather type it down: "Shopping is strsesful!" at times. (Gasp!) There. I said it. However, do not miss the "at times" as well. On Sunday, a beautiful morning with lovely weather, my father, mother, sister n I decided to venture out. Since my parents will be soon shifting back to Bombay (woohoo!) Sorry politicians, it is still Bombay to moi and NOT Mumbai. It is like calling me a "skirt addict", which I am but it is NOT the entire me and people will not be able to relate. Aaaanywaay, we ventured out to see the progress of the house where we will be shifting to. After a lot of cribbing and whining and "how will I have a social life with the house so far away" and "what will my friends think" to "shut up" we reached and I have to admit, I do not mind living that far away 'cuz I love my room. In fact I dont mind sleeping on the floor board which shall soon be my bed. Ok I am digressing here as usual. So we saw the house, ooh-ed an aah-ed and left. Sis n I were craving for Sushi (I have exotic tastes, you know) and I know this awesome place which serves even awesome-er Sushi. So we reached and we ordered and within 10 minutes the guy came back. Looking at him I knew the news was not good so I braced myself against the feeling of foreboding. He came and said or rather gave me the 1st sign of the horrible, HORRIBLE day, "Ma'am, we dont serve sushi on Sunday mornings". My world stopped. I did not know how to convey this piece of terrible news to my sister but being the brave one that I am, I did so anyway. She was "sooper pissed off" so to speak and as she puts it so was I. Hmph! How can they NOT serve Sushi on Sunday mornings??? So we ate the other stuff (sob sob sniff sniff) and went shopping. Nothing like retail therapy to up your mood. But how was I to know what lay before me.....

We reached Juhu as I had to buy my friend's birthday gift and that was the only place which was selling the Chanel lipglosses that she was lusting after. I ran to the counter and to my utter dismay it was not on display. I checked with the lady behind the counter who was very sweet and took a lot of my cribbing and crying which I wouldn't have and would have socked the person in the face, client or no client. She hunted and hunted and hunted but could not find it. I finally decided on another shade. Which to my defense was available in the "tester" model. She hunted and hunted and hunted but could not find it. I was dangerously close to my tears and bawling. I decided on a 3rd shade. She hunted and hunted and hunted and finally found it. Whew! 1st task was done. So to life my spirits I dragged mom to the shoe section where I knew had the most awesomest pair of heels and which I wanted to buy. See the pic below. I ran up and lo behold! They HAD the shoe. In my size. They and hunted and hunted but could not find it. Got me the same shoe in my size but in cream colour. Not tan. (Guy readers: that shoes is TAN. NOT brown!) I went downstairs in a fowl mood to pick up an eye shadow in purple for my friend as it is her favourite colour. I selected a palate of 3 ultra cool purple colours (whatever I choose HAS to be cool). She hunted and hunted and hunted but could not find it. That was the last straw. I stomped over to the check out counter. Stomped back to the Chanel counter and the sweet lady gave me a Chanel miniature, which by the way opened up in my bag. Stomped to the other store to pick up a shade in purple. Got one finally! Yes, I was literally broke. Yes, I was annoyed. Yes, I cried a lil. Stomped towards the car, sat with a thud and shut the door with a bang.

I had to buy groceries. On our way back, we stopped at a local grocery store to pick up basics like milk and bread. I asked for Nestle Slim. They and hunted and hunted but could not find it. I asked for Amul Lite. They hunted and hunted and hunted but could not find it. I finally had to make do with Nestle normal one. God knows what it is called. Then I was poking around for the bread. Luckily a last pack of my favourite brand was there. I grabbed it. Sun was fnally breaking out of the dark clouds which were hovering around me like a halo. I could see the silver lining. My heart felt lighter.

Yes it was a nightmarish shopping experience but I have learnt from my mistakes. Never wait for the sale or more money. Just pick up what you see and like. It should come in the category of "if-u-dont-buy-it-it-will-haunt-u-n-u-will-never-find-the-right-size" so that you are saved from such totally-scarred-for-life-and-bitter-towards-shops experience.

I did not tell you about the cheesecake incident, did I? After sushi incident I decided to have a lil craving for cheesecake from this restaurnat next door. Forget the sushi, the damn restaurant was not there.

Let me know about your horrible shopping experiences as well and let me feel better! Gnight and, hopefully, sweet dreamz till next time!


Savina said...

I love the post!!!! Awww... huny... i went thru the same thing at M.A.C. the other day.... aaaarrrggghhh.. i totally understand what u saying here!!!

Anand said...

I hunted n hunted n hunted but I jus cudnt find any cash on me.
Man Broke. Can't shop. :(
Lookin for sponsers now.

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

@savz: what wud i have done without u

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

@anand: i just got my salary. i was in the same situation till yesterday