Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aw c'mon.....

..... you don't have to congratulate me! But if you insist I will not say no!!! So on 27th May 2010, after 2000 hrs, I finally got promoted! Yeah I ran in a leetle late as usual. The Area VP was almost done with his speech when I entered. So it was slightly awkward 'cuz everyone always has to turn around and look at the late comer. Why do people do that I will never understand? Aanywaay, I was a Management Trainee for 2 yrs and it has finally paid off. We had the most awesome-est Grad Party in the hotel! it was a Black Tie- Black Dress event. Thank god I picked up that dress from AND and those heels from Tresmode or the "Lady GaGa Shoes" as my friends put it. Tottered over to the stage. Met all the GM's. Kissed the cutest one and got my certificate. I have already ordered for my new visiting cards which are soon gonna be thrown from the terrace in order to distribute to utter and complete strangers. I have changed my signature in my email address at work. I feel like such a grown up! Though my work is the same with a leetle more responsibility my family thinks I have become the Queen of the Shoe World. I wish though. But I get to boss around. Hah! But knowing me it will be very difficult to do that. God! I need so much training in that department!

But whatever! I got promoted! Woohoo!

Now this manager will like to go and sleep in peace.

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Shireen said...

I gave u tat one u bitch.. u didnt even mention moi !!!! how rude !!!