Monday, May 17, 2010

Guess whose back.....

.....back again! S.P.S.A.'s (Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict, duh) back, something something. Yes, folks! I am back regardless you like it or not! Hah! So in these few months A LOT has happened in my life and as my ex puts it, "You sound more mature, more serious. (pause) and um, a lot more haggard" (Wouldn't you know it!) Of course I will be haggard. I mean the stuff I have been through cannot be imagined by you lesser mortals.

I still remember the day. The day when I lost my friend, my most trusted companion. It was morning and I had a work day. It was the usual morning. I got up late. Jumped out of the bed with an "Oh shit!" I still remember the time. It was 7:50 am. I had to travel a great distance in the Bombay traffic. I got ready as my breakfast was being made. I ate the breakfast while I impatiently waited for my uber-cool 3 wheeler transportation to arrive which would eventually take me to my temple of, well, um, ahem, worship a.k.a. work place a.k.a. office a.k.a. kindly read Dilbert and his definition of an office. It stopped on time. I ran downstairs all the while clutching my iPod. I enetred the auto and was about to plonk myself on the seat when I heard a very dull thud. I looked at my hands and there was no iPod. I frantically began searching for it everywhere. On the seat, under the auto, in my bag (which also known as my house 'cuz of its size and the things in it), in my other bag, in my hands but to no avail. I saw a Scorpio approaching and something clicked. As if in slow motion, I slowly turned and saw it getting crushed under the car. My heart stopped. I felt cold. Everything around me stopped moving for a second and I was about to fall in a dead faint but then I remembered my boss's face and it brought me rushing back to life. I ran for it. But it was too late. Damage, literally, was done. I took my friend and carried it till the auto all the while trying hard not to bawl. I switched it on. It was working! Thanks heavens, though the screen was a leetle screwed. I sat back in relief. I reached the dreaded office and it stopped working and has never come back to life ever since. It is as if an empty hole is in my life. It is like a physical pain. I still long for it but it has to move on. All because of that car, Scorpio. Damn you, world-runining-pollution-creating-^&*$% machine! Please excuse me while I wipe my tears. I am sorry but they just come at the smallest and the tiniest memory of my friend.

Yes, so where was I. Ah! the great loss. Now it has been almost a month for it and still nothing seems to be going right. I was called to my Director's office yet again (I have become more +ve with this fact. If i do not keep getting called to the office then it will be a case of "out of sigh, out of mind" right?) I was told I will be getting promoted (woohoo!) I was ALSO told that they do not wanna regret the decsion (Whatever! I am geting promoted! Woohoo! It is at their risk and it is not that they weren't warned. In case anyone from office reads this, please note I am kidding and this is how I write. You can read my other posts to see I am right) So you will be reading blogs from a grown up now!

My crush on my friend just keeps on increasing every damn day. Like they say deciphering women is like sudying calculus, then trust me understanding men is like understanding rocket science with the projectile motion of the rocket along with its velocity and speed and deciphering the 'x' and the 'y' factor somewhere along the graph, all combined with triple integration in calculus. (Yes I did study Science in 12th with the ISC board. It simply means I am better than you. In case you have done the same as me ICSE/ ISC, then kindly join the group on FB. I am from ICSE/ ISC which means I am better than you). I just cannot understand my crush and it drives me insane + he wants to ask another girl out. Why does there always have to be another girl is what I will never understand!

Simply put, my life is a case of disasters. ALL of them. The disasters I mean. I just cannot take the stress anymore. What with losing my iPod, hearing this shocking, SHOCKING, information about some other girl, trying not to lose my job with my goof ups and helping my sister (I wish I could but I just CANNOT get into the details of my sister's life) I need to go to a mine shaft and release my stress.

By the way, I got a Blackbewwy! A 2nd hand one, but a Blackbewwy nonetheless.

Oh! I have lost little weight which by the way is slightly noticeable if I stand in a particular angle. So I have been even more stressed because I have sworn off sweets for like 5 days in a week and I cannot eat a chocolate during this stressful times.

I sometimes wish I was a character in a comic book.


Anand said...

HATE THEM. HmmpHHH !!!!!!!!!

Anand said...

The way u write sweethrt.....hyper but yes i can imagine it. Hey so, When u writing a book? :)

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

hahaha thanks! i do tend to get hyper at times. but u think its worthy of a book?