Sunday, June 5, 2011

Something interesting required. Please.

The reason I have not typed for so long is because there is nothing, NOTHING, to write about. Apart from the fact that I turn a year older in about 5 days time, apart from the fact that I am still single (is there something drastically wrong with me? No seriously.), apart from the fact that I like this guy where it is going towards (slowly and steadily) ‘god-where-the-fuck-are-we’ land, apart from the fact that I am stuck in my job for at least 7 more months, blah blah. The remotely exciting thing, and by that I mean getting peoples’ reactions like ‘oh-really-that’s-great-oh-look-the-bird-just-pooped’, is learning Mandarin. Through my iTouch (I lost my previous one by the way, to some loser who picked it up off the road in about some 10 mins span. I hope my iTouch came alive and the earphones strangled him). By the way, my sister is getting married peoples! Yeah, and I have to lose weight for that and I really really don’t see that happening. Another exciting thing is that monsoons have started. This basically means that I have graduated from whining about the heat and humidity to whining about the damn rain.

We have an Appreciation Week going on at my workplace and its fun to an extent. Fun till your drastic mood swings kick in; fun till you think yourself to depression as to why you are single and fun till you see your object of affection totally and completely ignoring you. I have, however, come to one conclusion. More than women, men are complete bitches.

Oh and the other interesting thing is that Osama Bin Laden is now, well, been laden. Probably digging a hole in his grave to the gates of hell. No wait. That will be paradise for him. He should actually make his way to heaven and then die again due to all the niceness there.

Just when you start thinking that finally Government got some sense due to Anna Hazare’s movement and when you finally start going towards the ‘R’ of respect to them, they go ahead and do something totally absurd. Like increasing the age limit for drinking. So you are seriously trying to tell me that I can vote for another corrupted person to rule this country, I can start my family with crying babies, I can stay alone and look after myself, I can get drunk on beer BEFORE I have whisky? Are you fucking shitting me? How’s this a law? A legitimate, sensible, law? Wait. Legitimate and sensible don’t go with law. If law WAS legitimate and sensible it wouldn’t be law then, right?

I can’t believe half the year is over. It seems like yesterday I drove down to Karjat for like 5 hrs and was back in 3.

Can 12th December 2012 come any sooner? Please!


Anonymous said...

Critical,scathing,discerning and bored with life.. I think I've found a match..
By the way,'Men are complete bitches' is an oxymoron

Shannon said...

I feel like you & I can relate on so many levels. Being single & thinking something is wrong with us (which there probably isn't), struggling to lose weight for whatever function we have coming up & generally hating our jobs! I look forward to more of your posts! :)

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

@Anon: i think ive found a match too! life's great. yeah i got tht oxymoron bit. my life is somethign like tht, u c.

@shannon: thank u thank u. always feels good to have A fan. trust me, there is nothing worng with us. world's just dumb.