Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ok TRYING to be REALLY positive here.

Have u noticed or realized that lately I have become extremely cranky and whiny? You haven’t? Seriously? I have become so cranky and whiny that I want to kill me. With a shot gun. On the head. If you really haven’t realized then this post will confirm your doubts, for sure. Ok lets start with my milestone budday. It was AWESOME (you think I am actually gonna write which budday of mine it was?). So on Friday I went to Moshe’s for a quiet dinner with family (yup still single) and on Saturday, I decided to take a bunch of friends and go clubbing. So we landed in this club and my really REALLY good friend (lets call her Koti) had called like 20 people and booked the glass cabin and everything fancy and gave me an awesome surprise. This was 1 surprise had absolutely NO CLUE about. She has been going through her own tough time and she thought of this really made me feel awesome. See the cake pic below and you wonder why i call my self a shoe addict. NB: I was not whining here.

Ok, so the point is (I feel) that the 2 most important aspects of my life are not going the way I want them to and I am getting used to feeling like shit. The 2 aspects are my work life and my personal life. I don’t get it. Why do people say personal life? It’s like saying hot fire or something. Digressing again! So work, though its good, my heart is not in it and frankly I cannot wait till 2022 for my next promotion and there have been some unfair things which I don’t agree with so I am unhappy. My personal life sucks. So I like this guy lets call him AS for like quite sometime now. Probably the longest I have liked anyone from the opposite sex and the 2nd guy whom I confessed to about how I feel. (yeah, it didn’t work out with the 1st guy and I ended up falling for someone else after moping around for 2 days). So we have been, you know, doing stuff and I was like a dumb girl who thought this will go somewhere, blah blah blah and tada! It. Did. Not. So I ended whatever there was and we are still good friends. No seriously. We ARE close friends. So we sit in the same office, same cabin, talk and I go ‘AAAARRRRGGHHH’ in my mind. This Monday totally sucked. I had to reach work at 11, I reached work at 12 because I had to travel to Bandra from Thane and back to Powai for a 10 minute work and guess how much time it took? Guess guess? 4 hrs. Yup! That’s right. I was travelling from 8 am to 12 pm. Then during the course of the day I lost my diamond from my ring and before you ask me, like how very smart people have asked me yesterday, it was a real diamond. I also did not have an off this weekend but I managed to get one as my sister has gone to Delhi for her wedding shopping and wants me to be there. Today I got to know that everyone from my office is getting to go to Pune for a night out for the opening of one of the most- awaited night clubs. Just. Shoot. Me. Please.

Now are your doubts cleared? Now you know that I have become cranky and whiny and now you know WHY I have become cranky and whiny?

To end this negativity I will leave you with a very positive quote (stolen from a fridge magnet gifted to me by my friend): ‘There is nothing wrong with me that a li’l chocolate won’t fix’.

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