Sunday, July 24, 2011

Karma and Mother Nature are, well, bitches

So there is a song of a certain movie doing the rounds which goes like, ''Cuz Karma is a bitch" and wouldn't you agree? Well, I wholeheartedly do. Looking at the way everything is going at this very moment, I seriously feel universe is conspiring against me.

3 days after the anniversary of the train blasts in BOMBay, series of 3 blasts ripped the city. Again! Are you freakin kidding me? I know its very easy to sit and write/ talk/ whine about it but honestly, the Government sucks balls. Oh and there are over 6000 potholes in BOMBay. Rejoice! Rejoice!

Moving on to something personal. AS and I are still close friends and I am trying to move on. But will that ever happen easily? Of course not. So there I am minding my own business (we share the same cabin in the office by the way) and suddenly some random chick has to come and act all flirty and AS tells me, 'you are not a girl. you are a pal!' and I am like, 'Really? is it high school all over again?' Being a pal, having drunk guys fall all over me (not the sober ones) are the stories of my life so kindly don't drink and come near me

I was as usual late for work (stupid traffic) and I was running inside to go change (hoteliers have to wear a uniform) and it just started raining and by that I mean raining-like-there's-no-tomorrow-and-lets-uproot-trees-for-fun. I opened my new, zebra print umbrella (went specially to go buy it cuz the previous one was so uncool. It was a boring grey with tiny white flowers.) and voila! the wind was so strong that it just turned the other way. You know how it gets and you see people on the street struggling with it and you thank the stars that you are not one of them. Well, I became one of them and my hair was all over the place and I said fuck it. As soon as I reached inside the rain reduce considerably. How? I mean, how? And you wonder why does the title of my blog say what it says. 

I have been planning to get a 2nd tattoo done for ages now. I finally had 2 continuous weekends free. The 1st  weekend I called the tattoo artist and he was not in town and today I went so he was busy. I don't care. I am getting one done. See the pic below and be jealous, peoples.

I went to Kino 108 last weekend to get dwunk with Koti, AS, Phataks and couple of my other close friends. It was fun till AS saw the bill (every1 else had absconded by then) and he came close to a fight. Damn I have never been involved in a fight. That day not even the drunk guys gave me a second look. Talk about getting all emotional after drinking.

This week I was busy attending one of my friend's wedding and a function. I can't believe she is married. I cant believe that it so easy to find people of the opposite sex.

Like I have been saying before, I am seriously trying to lose weight and today I ate half a cheesecake. Why doesn't the universe just kill me already?

(note from author: I promise to have a more +ve post next time. Oh c'mon! gimme a break)

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Shireen said...

U'll have better days huney...btw do u get to write AS n things..i hope he isnt the tattoo, looks fabulous ! go girl